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Most Consistently ๐• Award 2023

Friends, 2024 is almost here, and it's time for the 1st annual "Most Consistently ๐•ย Award"! Over the past two years, I've met hundreds of wonderful people on ๐•. While some have come and gone, many special folks have stuck around, bringing their diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I'm amazed by what I continue learning from this group - though our realities differ, our shared hopes connect us. Most set bold visions, and though the path ahead remains unclear, a few stand out for their reliable presence and steady approach to pursuing their goals.

The "Most Consistently ๐•ย Award" celebrates those who show up day after day with positivity, put plans into action, uplift others, and progress through ups and downs. They know consistency compounds over time into great things! Join me in spreading cheer for our winners!

Tim Brown -ย @SimplyTimTV

As a very confident speaker and coach of confident speaking on this platform, Tim routinely holds spaces to help audiences worldwide become confident with communicating in English. I've had opportunities to talk to him outside of ๐•ย spaces, and we have been building a friendship for the last two years. His fantastic voice and stateman-like manners are simply rare on the platform.

SalsaMish and Artist Jordi - @SalsaMish and @artist_jodi

This real-life couple has hosted anย ๐• space for years, promoting positive vibes, art culture, and friendship worldwide. Their space is constantly filled with exciting people from all over the globe with varied prospects. Still, Mish and Jordi always land conversations in positivity and warmth. I am a regular participant in their spaces. It reminds me of a cozy living room with kind, patient friends with listening ears.

Stream - @DaStreamCatcher

With experience spanning modern technology's early days through today's AI innovations, Stream offers perspectives deeply informed by his journey in tech. His capacity to draw meaningful connections between ideas calls to mind an esteemed publisher identifying works of promise. I admire his willingness to analyze diverse topics thoughtfully. There is often value in considering another person's informed viewpoints, even when one's conclusions differ.

Neda Sefati - @neda_sefat

Neda actively brings people together in her spaces onย ๐• to foster collaboration and learning. With incredibly diverse interests spanning ancient history to AI, she adeptly navigates myriad communities. I've observed Neda consistently introduce people in ways that spark mutually beneficial dialogue. Her commitment to enabling connections leaves a meaningful impact.

Anna Scheller - @SchellerAnna

Anna promotes networking/knowledge-sharing for small businesses in remarkably professionalย ๐• spaces. With help from her friend Ester, she creates well-crafted, business-focused events catering to owners worldwide. Her consistency and business-like approach to sourcing engagement are impressive.

Noteworthy Mentions

I've recently connected with some new people onย ๐• who share my values around consistency and thoughtfulness. I appreciate our respectful dialogue so far and hope these conversations continue constructively.ย ย 

Educated Guess -ย @trading_indian

With deep enterprise experience, EG spreads practical knowledge and a deep understanding of AI models to the masses. He is a polite and well-spoken technologist in the United Kingdom. I am looking forward to meeting him in person on my next visit to London.

Dom - @Dromanocpm

Dom is a rockstar in AI safety research and innovations. He is developing an in-house platform for generating synthetic training datasets for future enterprise models and safety certifications for models that will operate in businesses. His online and offline AI safety advocacy is top-tier. He shares his deep understanding of AI with the masses to help folks understand critical issues surrounding AI today.

David - @Joybeanns

Even though he's a recent acquaintance, it took me only a short time to understand David is a powerhouse disseminating AI/tech info to the masses. His posts and videos are always interesting, and he shares helpfulย ๐• space. He is also a very kind soul and a proud father of a daughter.

About This Virtual Award

I have many more X friends who should be on this list. However, I want to be consistent about this list being of the highest caliber from my personal experience point of view. I have friends who have left X and come back to ๐•, and I have friends who have flip-flopped with their plans and directions -- just like many of us do in real life situations. They are all worthy of friendship, but I wanted to create this list based on seeing the consistency pattern being a driver of personal growth and almost personal brand in many people. I wanted to acknowledge this amazing aspect of their lives and hope that I will be consistent and deliver a newly expanded list in 2024.ย 

We hope you'll join us in celebrating these valuable community members! Please participate in theย ๐• spaces hosted by our winners and become part of this supportive group.

The Evolving Landscape of ๐•: A Critical Analysis

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, now rebranded as ๐•, expectations were high. Although Musk promised improvements, he also cautioned about extensive code issues requiring time to resolve. Months have elapsed, and while updates have been launched, the core algorithms affecting user visibility are inconsistent at best. This has caused considerable frustration for small account holders seeking audience growth. Currently, I hesitate to recommend ๐•. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic about its potential evolution into a creator-centric platform by 2024 or later. However, A lingering concern is Musk's apparent focus on large accounts, which could skew the platform's development.

Pros and Cons of Using ๐•

Here is my platform analysis based on personal experience for the last two years.


  • Transparency: Musk's takeover has mitigated some of the platform's earlier biases.
  • AI Community Involvement: Professionals and academics in Artificial Intelligence frequently engage on ๐•, offering timely insights into breakthroughs in the field.
  • Spaces Feature: This unique element provides an additional layer of engagement.


  • Algorithmic Inconsistency: The company is in a transitional phase, focusing on internal priorities rather than user experience.
  • Misinformation: Open-sourcing segments of the ranking algorithm have led to widespread, often erroneous, interpretations.
  • API Restrictions: The removal of free API access has rendered many third-party tools obsolete, impeding the work of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Bot Control Measures: While aimed at reducing bot activity, the paid Blue Checkmark system and exorbitant API fees have created new barriers for legitimate users.

In summary, while I've found value in social connections on ๐•, the platform's current instability and focus on large accounts render it a dubious choice for new users. Yet, its future holds promise, provided the concerns of a broader user base are adequately addressed.