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The Evolving Landscape of 𝕏: A Critical Analysis

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, now rebranded as 𝕏, expectations were high. Although Musk promised improvements, he also cautioned about extensive code issues requiring time to resolve. Months have elapsed, and while updates have been launched, the core algorithms affecting user visibility are inconsistent at best. This has caused considerable frustration for small account holders seeking audience growth. Currently, I hesitate to recommend 𝕏. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic about its potential evolution into a creator-centric platform by 2024 or later. However, A lingering concern is Musk's apparent focus on large accounts, which could skew the platform's development.

Pros and Cons of Using 𝕏

Here is my platform analysis based on personal experience for the last two years.


  • Transparency: Musk's takeover has mitigated some of the platform's earlier biases.
  • AI Community Involvement: Professionals and academics in Artificial Intelligence frequently engage on 𝕏, offering timely insights into breakthroughs in the field.
  • Spaces Feature: This unique element provides an additional layer of engagement.


  • Algorithmic Inconsistency: The company is in a transitional phase, focusing on internal priorities rather than user experience.
  • Misinformation: Open-sourcing segments of the ranking algorithm have led to widespread, often erroneous, interpretations.
  • API Restrictions: The removal of free API access has rendered many third-party tools obsolete, impeding the work of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Bot Control Measures: While aimed at reducing bot activity, the paid Blue Checkmark system and exorbitant API fees have created new barriers for legitimate users.

In summary, while I've found value in social connections on 𝕏, the platform's current instability and focus on large accounts render it a dubious choice for new users. Yet, its future holds promise, provided the concerns of a broader user base are adequately addressed.