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Using Canva to Fix DALL·E 3 Text Mistakes

ChatGPT Plus with DALL-E 3 is a fantastic tool for bloggers like me. I love creating blog cover images using DALL-E 3 by providing the title and summary of my post - the suggested images it generates are remarkable. However, some of my readers and friends have pointed out typos in these AI-generated cover images. 

At first, I was okay with the typos since they demonstrate the current state of AI image generation. However, many people might think the errors were simply a result of my lack of proofreading. I avoided mistakes by using AI tools to check my writing, but generated images were an exception - I just went with what I liked visually, typos and all. Some grammar sticklers remind me of the typos when sharing my social media posts. 

So, I finally started looking for an easy way to solve this issue. My favorite graphics tool, Canva, came to the rescue. I discovered that Canva can now grab text from within images and simulate the font, allowing you to edit AI-generated images effectively. 

Here's a video demonstrating how I'm now using Canva to edit out typos in my AI cover images:

Using Canva to tweak the text, I can keep the fantastic images DALL-E 3 generates while eliminating any minor typos that detract from my blog's polish. It's a simple but effective way to get the best of both worlds!

Canva for Entrepreneurs

Creating stunning graphics used to require hiring a designer, but Canva has changed the game. This intuitive platform makes graphic design accessible to everyone.  As a non-designer running a small business, I constantly need graphics for social media and blogging. Our engineering team needs help with even basic visuals. Canva is the perfect solution, allowing us to create anything from social posts to UI elements easily. 

We've been Canva devotees for years. The interface is so simple that I've never had to contact their support. They recently incorporated AI image generation so that you can prompt your way to the perfect graphic with just a text description. For bootstrap entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, Canva eliminates the need for an in-house or virtual graphics designer. The low graphics volume most small niche businesses need doesn't justify the cost. Even heavy Instagram users can now create their beautiful feeds without a dedicated designer.

Things that I often do with Canva include:

  • Creating a simple blog post header graphic
  • Creating a simple video clip for a tweet
  • Creating a UI element for an app
  • Creating social media headers
  • Editing business photos to remove backgrounds and put different backgrounds and text

One of my most exciting uses for Canva is to maintain a virtual whiteboard of tasks in the form of virtual sticky notes and share them with my team. This is not our primary project management tool, but I use it as it helps me visualize a real whiteboard I used to have in my actual office before Pandemic. I will write a detailed post with a video about this feature in the future.

Hailing from Australia, Canva has changed the game. The process from concept to creation is intuitive and smooth. As a non-designer, I find it empowering to generate whatever graphics I need quickly.  I can't recommend Canva enough. This tool has been a game changer for creating great visual content affordably. Every business today needs strong visuals, and Canva makes it achievable for all.