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Using Canva to Fix DALL·E 3 Text Mistakes

ChatGPT Plus with DALL-E 3 is a fantastic tool for bloggers like me. I love creating blog cover images using DALL-E 3 by providing the title and summary of my post - the suggested images it generates are remarkable. However, some of my readers and friends have pointed out typos in these AI-generated cover images. 

At first, I was okay with the typos since they demonstrate the current state of AI image generation. However, many people might think the errors were simply a result of my lack of proofreading. I avoided mistakes by using AI tools to check my writing, but generated images were an exception - I just went with what I liked visually, typos and all. Some grammar sticklers remind me of the typos when sharing my social media posts. 

So, I finally started looking for an easy way to solve this issue. My favorite graphics tool, Canva, came to the rescue. I discovered that Canva can now grab text from within images and simulate the font, allowing you to edit AI-generated images effectively. 

Here's a video demonstrating how I'm now using Canva to edit out typos in my AI cover images:

Using Canva to tweak the text, I can keep the fantastic images DALL-E 3 generates while eliminating any minor typos that detract from my blog's polish. It's a simple but effective way to get the best of both worlds!