Best Donuts in the Country is in Rocklin!

Something about eating a donut with coffee is so American and feels so good. I have stopped eating donuts for the last 5-6 years as I adjust my diet and lousy food habits according to my cruising altitude of age. But when you hear through the grapevine that a local donut shop has hit the jackpot of ratings from Yelp, you want to experience it. Enter Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon, Rocklin, California. 

Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon has the classic story of a mom-and-pop store. They moved from Folsom, a town known for its prisons -- The Folsom Maximum Security Prison and Intel Corporation (don't blame me, my college professors told me this 🤣) — and the Folsom Dam. In just one year after relocating, they got so much traction and built an excellent reputation on Yelp that they became Yelp's number-one choice for a donut store in the country for 2023.

I went there today for the first time to grab an assortment of donuts and cinnamon rolls for my family's morning breakfast on a lazy Saturday. There was a line, but it moved fast, and the owners and their employees had beautiful smiles. Knowing it was my first visit, they packed a bag of donut holes and sprinkled donuts for my kids. It is such a beautiful experience that it brightens your morning and makes you want to write a blog post about a donut shop in a technical blog. :) Who cares? It's my blog, and I can write about anything.  

My kids -- 5th and 9th graders -- loved the cinnamon rolls and the classic glazed donuts. We had many other options to try throughout the day, so we will see how they taste, but based on the staples that most people go there for, I can tell you this is a great place. 

Since donuts are not suitable for your health, we won't frequently go there, but when we have guests from out of town, we will bring these donuts and other yummy eats from their shop to entertain our guests for years to come.